About Rodney Warner

rodney-bioI am a 40 something Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist / producer / mixer / web designer. Growing up in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, I took to music at a very young age. I started piano lessons early and soon found a love for the guitar. Shortly after learning guitar, I put together my first “recording studio” which consisted of a Kurzweil K2000, a Yamaha 4 track, a cheap microphone, and a hardware sequencer that synced to the 4 track.

Two decades later I now run two businesses, Connective Web Design, and High Pass Studios. Over the years I learned the secret arts of Web Design and Search Engineer Optimization. After I Connective Web Design was up and running, I branched off and tried at my passion and opened my own actual recording studio, High Pass Studios.

I now write and record music on a daily basis for personal love, film and TV, remixes and other various projects, on top of being the best web designer this side of the country. Also, I’m kind of an ice cream connoisseur.

Connective Web Design

I started Connective Web Design back in 2012 after working in the industry for over 10 years. I head up business development & production management at Connective Web Design. Making sure existing clients stay happy while guiding us through to new and exciting potentials.

What We Do

Connective Web Design is a custom WordPress design, web development & online marketing firm. We excel in custom tailored solutions that help our clients advance to the next stages in their online presence.

Our projects are the result of detailed planning with usability at the front lines. As much as we stay at the top levels of web development technologies we never let it sway us from the ultimately best vision of reaching everyone’s business goals. We build rich, detailed, and beautiful, user-friendly websites that always reach our clients needs.

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High Pass Studios

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    Artist and Band Production


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My Music

If you are looking for someone to compose for your TV or film project, need help with mixing & mastering or remixing one of your tracks, or any other music recording task please feel free to contact me here. I am extremely driven, easy to work with, and have a deep love for the art. If you would like to check out some samples, check them out to the right.