The importance of a great sounding recording is instrumental to your projects success. We don’t want to rely on post production mixing to iron out distortions and other flaws. We want post production to amplify, strengthen, and intensify the already high quality source material.

At HighPass, we want the recording process to feel as organic, genuine, and nonintrusive as possible. This starts with our laid back environment so that you can comfortably perform to your highest ability, free from stress and judgements. We highly prioritize the vibe of our recording space, because you must be comfortable to perform well. Then we simply “capture” your stellar performance!


What is right for your vision is up to you! Whether you choose to record all the elements separately or to record live we can cater to your preference and provide the highest quality recordings. At HighPass, we do not have one specific way of doing things, we listen to the artist to find the best approach. We have a wide selection of microphones and pre amps for you to choose from to get the right sound for your project. Through careful microphone placement, preamp selection, and proper technique your music will come together in a very innate and natural way.



For us, the art of mixing music lies in creating an authentic aesthetic sound cultivated from the passion of your performance. Once you have a high quality source recording that you recorded with us, or even if you already have prerecorded material, by choosing HighPass, you are guaranteeing your performance will receive the gentle fine-tuning necessary to skillfully and professionally find the balance to reach its full potential. We will collaborate with you on how to best balance the different elements in your music. By using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multiband Expansion, Limiting, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation, we can chisel out individual nooks for each instrument and create layered textures; Giving it flow, focus, and enthusiasm.


At HighPass studios, we will listen to each mix carefully to determine the final steps in finishing your masterpiece while maintaining the high level of collaborative quality you’ve come to expect from us. Professional mastering will make the difference between your songs sounding smooth in a playlist, or your songs sticking out as unprofessional. Mastering allows us to make sure no songs are too loud or quiet in relation to each other by adjusting the volume of each song, as well as tuning the stereo width, frequency balance, and appropriate dynamic range. Your project will be professionally mastered and ready for any digital marketplace, as well as the physical copies.



All great recordings begin with the artists’ creative goals. In the end, it is our job to assist in translating your creative vision to a high quality recording. At HighPass, we will actively listen and work with you to create a sound that meets each of those goals. The benefit of having an outside ear that’s not attached to your music is invaluable.

Without overstepping our bounds we can help with song arrangements, instrumentation and dynamics to help take your song to that next level. Our goal here is to make your performance and vision be the best possible representation of your art as possible before tracking begins.


Providing an artistic space with the right vibe and comfort level to draw out your best performance is every bit as important to us as all the post-recording production. We ourselves are musicians and will respect the integrity of your art. We will be as involved as you would like us to be, whether that’s simple guidance through the recording process, or if you need additional help we have a wide selection of instruments on site as well as talented studio musicians. By augmenting your tones and helping you play your absolute best, we can capture an artistically aesthetic sound that supports the lyrical narrative and energy of your recording.